…Sylviana Stephen-Fortuné

Guardian of the Pond des Salines pilot site in Sainte-Anne – Martinique

What can be expected from the Mang program?

I am eager for the diagnoses to be completed, for the data to become available, so we can analyze the “health” – or rather the ecological status – of this coastal wetland. This information will be a first step towards working jointly with the design office on the future of the Etang des Salines pond: what practices should be maintained, which actions should be implemented?

Do the training sessions interest you?

Yes, I would like to register for the sessions in 2015 and 2016, which will be more operational as they will be focused on diagnosis and monitoring protocols, on management, etc. I did not take part in the December 2014 session in Guadeloupe, as I have already undergone basic training in the function of wetlands, their challenges and their threats.

To conclude…

Overall, it is very interesting for us, as managers, to be able to benefit from the Mang program’s advantages (diagnoses, technical support, training), which we would not have been able to finance otherwise.


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